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Month: August 2017

Here Is Some Strange Trivia About Coffee You Never Knew

The first brew:

It is known that coffee was first discovered in the African country of Ethiopia where the goat herdsmen found that their goats were prancing about after munching on the coffee beans that grew wildly. When they spoke about this phenomenon in their village, a monk there went with them and collected those beans and brewed them for the first time. It is believed that the monk was searching something that would help him fight sleep and be awake for his night meditation. The brew was extremely successful in that and that is how the coffee beans came to be commercially cultivated. They were sold saying that it had the ability to fight sleep and lethargy not knowing the fact that the caffeine in it was the actual cause for keeping them alert.

It had to become a commercial success:

According to 2017 global exchange survey a whopping twenty five million farmers across the globe work day in and day out producing and processing coffee and that makes it the second most commercially traded commodity in the whole world. no prize for guessing the first, it is undoubtedly crude oil.

The first nut to be freeze dried:

The coffee berry was the first ever nut to be freeze dried during ever. It was during the Second World War when foods and crops had to be processed to be preserved. The process involves machine drying the berry and removing all its moisture and then later reducing the temperature of the storage down to negative forty degrees.

Which type are you?

If you are a coffee lover, there are two types of coffee beans that you may have tasted. The first and the most popular is Arabica which constitutes seventy percent of the coffee in whole of the world and the other rarer variety is called the Robusta. Robusta is more bitter and contains twice as much as caffeine as Arabica.…

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