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3 Steps To A Safe Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most dangerous places in the house. Especially if you have small kids running around, you need to be extra careful about where you keep what and the accessibility to all of the tools, etc.

Here are 3 simple steps to make than kitchen safe for one and all:


Organize things in such a way that kids can’t reach them. Put your knifes and other sharp tools at the back of the counter or on a wall mounted shelf, so that kids can’t reach them until they are old enough to understand the dangers associated with it.

Organize utensils in such a ways that they don’t come toppling down on you when you try to take something out. This will reduce the time spend on accessing things and the number of accidents that happen because you pulled in a handle too fast. Also, when kids access them by mistake, they will not get buried under a pile of heavy kitchenware

Out Of Reach

Apart from knives, keep the plug sockets out of reach too. Even if kids know how to operate the switches and know not to stick their fingers into the sockets, a wet finger can be dangerous. When the sockets are out of reach, they will call to you for help and you can ensure they are safe at all times.

Keep the tissue out of reach too. More than safety, this will reduce the mess in the kitchen. When a kid tries to get a tissue to clean themselves up, they can pull out the entire roll, not knowing how to tear it. Here are some great wall mounted tissue dispensers that can save your day.

Lock It Up

Locking may sound extreme but keep the kitchen cabinets locked. Making them child proof will only work until your toddler grows up. When they are locked and under your control, kids can’t access too much candy or food they could be allergic to.