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Category: Carpet Cleaning

Choosing A Carpet For Your Home

When we talk about buying carpets, we often forget about looking at one main aspect- how easy is the carpet in terms of cleaning and maintenance? This is why choosing the right carpet is essential. No matter what the material is, you might have to hire a specialist once in a while to deep clean your carpet besides the regular cleaning.

Here are some things to consider when you buy your next carpet:

  1. Type of fiber:

Fiber type of the carpet would not just determine the appearance of the carpet. To a large extent this is a factor that determines the durability as well. You might find carpets made of polyester, wool, nylon and acrylic fibers in the market.

  1. Fiber density:

Density of the fiber matters as much as the material. When you choose a carpet for an area that is used frequently, say the foyer or the living room, then choose one that is made of high density of fiber. High density fiber would resist dust better. This would also make the carpet easier to clean.

  1. Weight of the carpet:

The material and the density of the carpet would also determine the weight of the carpet. High density of the fiber would result in heavier carpets. These are known to be more durable as well.

  1. Choose based on your lifestyle:

For a family with young kids and pets you would definitely have to choose a carpet that can take a lot of strain. Your carpet should also be easy to clean. Spills and stains would be more frequent in such households.

  1. Loop piles or plush piles:

If you are looking for something decorative, something plushy get a plush pile. For a more casual appearance you can choose a loop pile. The choice here again depends on where you place the carpet.…

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