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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Hanging Curtains

Choosing a curtain itself is a long process. Once you have chosen a great curtain when you don’t hang it right all your efforts would go a waste. Here are the most common curtain hanging mistakes that you should avoid:

  1. Ignoring the choice of curtains:

Some look into the furniture and the furnishings of the room and simply ignore the curtains. Throwing up anything you find in the last minute would have a huge impact on the room.

  1. Wrong choice of colors and fabric:

Curtain fabric is not something that you can ignore. The choice would determine the amount of light that the curtain lets in. It would also determine the heat loss from the room.

  1. Wrong type of curtains and accessories:

Another mistake is with different widths and patterns of the curtain chosen. The way you want your curtains to be opened would influence your choice. This would also depend on the type of curtain mounting arrangement you have. If you have a broader curtain rod you would have to choose curtains that come with broader pockets. If the pocket is too tight it might be a trouble opening and shutting the curtains. If you have eyelets then you would need the suitable hooks to hang them.

  1. Hanging curtains the usual way:

Standard curtain fixtures are indeed the easiest choices. But this would be a boring way to hang your curtains. One interesting tweak is to raise the curtain rod a bit higher and choosing a floor length curtain. This would help create an illusion of space.

  1. Choosing the wrong length:

In fact the wrong choice of the overall dimensions would spoil the whole look. If you choose floor length curtains choose those that perfectly end at the floor. Those that trail might be dangerous if you have kids who might trip on it.