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Top 5 Surveillance Tips For Your Family Home

Safety and security of your family and your home is absolutely essential in today’s times when crime is at its peak. Not only to discourage intruders and thieves, installing a good and effective surveillance system in your homes can also be helpful when you want to keep a check on your pets and kids and also grown up teens. Like any other security systems in prominent locations, there are some ground rules one should follow even when setting up a surveillance system at home.

Here are 5 top tips which must be kept in mind during installation-

  1. Location of thecameras– Proper positioning of cameras is very important to get the best views. Also, the cameras should be placed at locations which are not easily visible and also, they should be out of reach where they can be dislocated and easily damaged.
  2. Securing the devices – Most people leave the surveillance cameras unsecured. This is more so the case with outdoor cameras. Other than being vulnerable to damage by people or birds, they are even susceptible to damage by adverse weather conditions. so, do ensure proper security of your devices specifically during inclement weather.
  3. Proper lighting– Unless there is proper day and night lighting where the camera is positioned, the images of people will not be visible or clear. The quality of the image matters a lot, especially if the intruder needs to be caught.
  4. Monitoring and Usage– There should besomeprovision to monitor all the devices that have been placed at various strategic points. Similarly, the features to use the devices, like the on and off features should be easy to operate. Do remember to power off when not in use.
  5. Appropriate software– Installing proper software is equally important so that you can sync the surveillance system with your smartphone and also keep a check regularly.


Keep a watch and protect your family and home by proper installation of a good and reliable surveillance system.